thoughts past midnight

quiet means busy, content, focused.
loud means bored, lost.
but too much of either means 'help'.


this constant struggle of being too broke to invest in things that will be historic in the future irritates me so much.



oh how i've missed

such simple pleasures

being kissed

held against another

to kiss

an other

who is held to me


in this climate?!

I turned down a job offer in order to focus on employing myself.



from pen to paper

Dear Paper,

I write this to you in the hopes that I will be inspired. I have dedicated the upcoming month to rectify our relationship, which has become sporadic. Lost. I apologise for the times when I haven't given myself over to you, due to the fact that at times I cannot even harvest enough confidence in myself to share out to your waiting and blank stare.

This year, I ignored the anniversary of death. I could tell it was why I was vacant this past month. February is never going to be good to me from now on, even when I avoid it. Darkness looms over me, as it did this year and will continue to. But it is also the reason why I need to tend to you and continue to write. I hope March can be our saving grace, for all it's worth.